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Papers Published

Total number of papers published = 75
Subject coverage in publications : Deep ocean wave prediction, wave refraction, wave/swell atlas, shoreline stablility, thermal structure, ocean currents, coastal hydrography, fisheries hydrography, marine pollution, coastal hazards, estuarine studies, shrimp/fin fisheries management, fisheries harbour development studies, nutrient distribution in coastal waters, mudbanks, oceanographic data bank
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List of publications 1986-1984
1. Premchand. K., Joseph,.P.S. (1986)
Wind stress distribution and Ekman transport along the south west coast of India. Proc. of the 2nd International Air-Sea Conference, Sydney, Australia.

2. Joseph, P.S. (1986)
Swell and Sea wave damage zones during Indian Ocean Cyclones. (abstract only). Proc. International Sym. on Natural and Man-made Hazards, Canada, Aug. 86.

3. Joseph, P.S. (1986)
On Mudbanks (Chakara) , Wind Stress and Coastal Upwelling Linkage. (abstract only). Sixth Conf. on Ocean- Atmosphere Interaction of the American Meteorological Society,Miami.

4. Joseph, P.S. (1986)
Partition of wind stress to current and wind waves. Proc. of the 2nd International Air-Sea Interaction Conference, Sydney, Australia.

5. Joseph, P.S. (1985)
Mudbanks off S.W. Coast. Need for acoustic remote sensing. Proc. of the 3rd International Symposium on Acoustic Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Oceans, Oct. 14-17,85, Paris.

6. Joseph, P.S. (1985)
Amplification of waves in coastal zone - A Numerical Model study. (abstract only). Sea- erosion conference, Lome.

7. Joseph, P.S. (1985)
Use of microprocessor in wave climate studies for Kerala coast. (abstract only). First National Seminar on Computer Science and Technology for National Development, Cochin., May 85.

8. Baba, M., T.S. Sahul Hammed. N.P. Kurian, K.V.Thomas, C.M.Harish, P.S.Joseph & M.Prasanna Kumar (1985).
Wave Climatology to the southwest coast of India. Proc. of the Int. Sym. on Concepts and Techniques of Applied Climatolog
y, Andra University, Waltair.
9. Joseph, P.S., S. Mohanan (1985).
On the usefulness of swell / wave atlas of Arabian sea at N.W. Monsoon out break. Proc. of the Int. Sym. on Concepts and techniques of Applied Climatology. Andra University, Waltair.

10. Joseph, P.S. (1984)
Prediction of cyclone generated ocean waves off Indian coasts. Vayu Mandal Vol. 14( No. 3 & 4),40-47.

11. Joseph, P.S. , S. Mohanan, K.K.Varghese (1984)
Pre-monsoon wave conditions off Vizhinjam Harbor in 1984. Bull. of Pure & Applied Science 3 C(2) P. 53-58.

12. Joseph,P.S. (1984)
Prediction of Cyclone generated waves along Indian coasts .(abstract only). Proc. of Seminar on Tropical Cyclones and disaster preparedness. Bhuvaneshwar Jan. 11-13, 1984.

13. Joseph, P.S.,S.Mohanan, K.K. Varghese (1984).
Pre-monsoon wave conditions of Vizhinjam harbor in 1984. Bull. of Pure & Applied Sciences (Sec. C),

14. Joseph,P.S. (1984).
On the performance of wave data buoy off south west coast of India. Proc. of the 72th Congress of Indian Science Congress Association at Lucknow, Jan. 3-8,1985.

15. Joseph, P.S. (1984).
Sudden changes in wave conditions of S.W. coast of India at the monsoon outbreak. Bull. of Pure & Applied Science Vol. 4 F (1-2) 1985, 3-6.

16. Joseph, P.S. (1984).
A hybrid wave climate model for past,present and future. (Abstract only) .Proc. of Beijing International Climate Symposium,Beijing,30th Oct. to Nov. 6th, 1984.

17. Joseph, P.S. (1984).
Mudbank (Chakara) and fisheries potential of S.W. India coast. Proc. Int. Conf. on Indian Ocean Studies ,Perth,5-12 Dec.,1984.

18. Joseph, P.S. (1984).
Linkage of mudbank (Chakara) and up welling off the S.W. coast of India. Preprints of Symposium on Vertical Motion in the Equatorial upper ocean and its effects upon living resources. UNESCO ,May 1985.

19. Joseph, P.S. (1984).
Changes in wave properties over eastern Laccadive sea on monsoon outbreak and monsoonal wave height distribution. IIIrd Japan and East China sea study Workshop, Tsukuba,13-18 May 1985.

20. Joseph, P.S. (1984).
Response of coastal Indian ocean to the out break of S.W. Monsoon wave conditions. Poster presentation TOGA Conference, Paris 16th- 22nd Sep.,1984.

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